How to unzip

Here is how to unzip the files on Windows PC by using built-in unzipping capabilities.

1. Go to the folder with downloaded zip file(s).
2. Right click on zip file you want to unzip and select “Extract All” option
in the opened menu.
3. Select destination folder to unzip the files to.
Please Note: If there are more than one zip file included with your purchase, it is
recommended to choose the same Destination folder for all of them.
4. Wait for unzip to finish.
5. Repeat step 2-3 for every zip file that was included with your purchase.
Once you finish performing above steps, you will find all of your files
in the Destination folder you’ve chose in step 3.

Here is how to unzip the files on Mac computer by using built-in unzipping capabilities:

1. Double click on zip file.
2. Wait for system to unzip the files.
3. If there is more than one zip file included, repeat steps 1-2
until all zip files are unzipped.

Here is how to unzip the files on iPad/iPhone computer by using free third part unzipping app Readdle.

1. Install Readdle app from here (
2. Launch “Documents” app.
3. Browse to downloaded zip file(s) and just tap on them one at a time.
Each time you tap wait for app to finish unzipping before moving to the
next zip file (if there any).
4. You unzipped files will be in the same folder where the zip files are.

How to preview your
files in File Explorer
on Windows PC

Here is an easy way to preview SVG files right from within your File Explorer.
If you are using Windows PC
1. Install SVG extension found (
Please Note: If you have a 64bit system, download “dssee_setup_x64_v011_signed.
exe”, otherwise use “dssee_setup_i386_v011_signed.exe”.
2. Clear icon cache (
3. Restart your PC
4. Make sure you Explorer “View” is set to “Thumbnails”.
5. Enjoy
Now you will see thumbnail pictures of any SVG file on your computer as if they were a regular picture files. You can also do cool things like search for SVG in a main folder with
all bundle’s files to view all the files at once, make catalogs/binders/cheat sheets with
all designs, etc.

How to preview
your files in Finder
on Mac

1. Install the app:
2. Go to the folder with your SVGs and start playing with View Option Window
by increasing/decreasing the icons size. Try first to do so in Columns View then
switch to the Icons View. Make sure “Show icon preview” is checked.
3. Enjoy!

How do I use/import
SVG files in Cricut
Design Space

Follow these instructions to import SVG file
into your Cricut Design Space software:
1. In Cricut Design Space click on “Upload Images” link on the left.
2. Click “Upload Image” button.
3. Click “Browse Image” button.
4. Browse to the folder with your SVG file.
5. Chose the required file. Click Open and then Save.

Is there a way to import
multiple SVG files into
Cricut Design Space
at once?

Currently, Cricut Design Space only supports importing one SVG file at a time.
As a workaround, import SVG file from CRICUT folder that contains all of the SVG
files on same page, and then edit out the unwanted ones.

How do I use my
purchased files in my
Silhouette Studio

First you need to determine what version of Silhouette Studio software you have:
Basic or Designer Edition.
You can check by going to “Help > About Silhouette Studio…” in your
Silhouette Studio. If you don’t see words “Designer Edition” anywhere
in the opened window, then you have a Basic Silhouette Studio.If you have Basic Silhouette Studio software you will need to use DXF formatfiles. Import DXF file by going to “File > Import > Import to Library…” in your Silhouette Studio.

If you have Designer Edition Silhouette Studio software you will need to use SVG format files. Import SVG file by going to “File > Import > Import to Library…” in your Silhouette Studio. You may need to select “SVG” in “Files of type” dropdown box.

How do I import multiple
files into my Silhouette
Studio’s Library at once?

1. Go to your Library in Silhouette Studio.
2. Open a separate File Explorer (outside Silhouette program).
Browse to the folder where your DXF/SVG files are stored.
3. Arrange Silhouette Studio (with opened Library) and File Explorer windows
on your screen so you can see both at the same time.
4. In File Explorer window select all the DXF/SVG files you want
to importwith your mouse.
5. Now drag the selected files from File Explorer and drop into “My Library”
area in Silhouette Studio. Alternatively, you can drop the files on any of the
folders you see under “My Library” folder in the left-hand side of the library.

You can check this video demonstration

How do I weld letters/
designs together the right
way in Silhouette Studio

Before welding do the following for each letter/design you wish to weld together:
1. Select the letter/design with your mouse
2. Click on “Make” under Compound Path in MODIFY Window.
Once all the letters turn red, arrange them the way you like and select all of them
at once with your mouse. Click on “Weld” under Modify in MODIFY Window and
you all set!

How do I use SVG file
in Brother Scan-N-Cut

1. Go to “Project > Import SVG/FCM file…”
2. Click on “Choose File” button.
3. Browse to SVG file you’d like to convert and select it,
then click the “Open” button.
4. Click “OK” button on the bottom
That’s it! Now you can work with the file or download it to use
with your Brother machine.

How to use
Alphabets efficiently

For using alphabets in I would recommend to use all-in-one SVG file from
CRICUT folder found inside of each alphabet folder.
This file has all the letters of the alphabet on the same page.
Simply import it, delete the unwanted letters, arrange, group and
scale the remaining letters the way you like and you’re good to go!

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